Pay with your Capital One Spark card, even where cards aren’t accepted.

Use your Capital One Spark card on Melio™ to pay any business bill for a special rate of 2.75%. Your vendor receives payment as a check or direct deposit.

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Enjoy an exclusive rate.
Sign up now to get an exclusive rate of 2.75% for any card payment made during your first year with Melio.
Limited time offer. Subject to Melio’s Terms of Service.
Keep your cash longer.
With Melio, defer payments until your next billing cycle and extend float up to 60 days, depending on your card terms.
Earn unlimited rewards.
Continue earning points for future travel or cash back rewards on every business purchase.

How it works

how it works

Create your account.

In less than 5 minutes, link your Capital One Spark card and add any vendor payment information.

how it works

Add bill details.

Take a photo, upload a file, enter details or connect QuickBooks Online.

how it works

Pay by card or bank.

Pay with a card or bank transfer, even where cards are not accepted.

how it works

Choose payment delivery.

Melio sends a check or bank transfer for you. Your recipient doesn’t even need a Melio account.

Earn rewards with every payment

Use your card for business bills on Melio and earn unlimited rewards with every payment.

paying with a credit card

Pay business bills with a bank transfer for free

Choose a payment method that works best for you. Pay bills online for free with an ACH transfer or debit card. Vendors receive a check or bank deposit.

paying with a credit card

Simplify expense management

Manage and track your bill payments online—from any device—with Melio's easy-to-use dashboard.

paying with a credit card

What Melio users have to say

"Melio is a life saver. Makes payments to vendors quick and efficient. Their user interface is one of the best and easiest to work with I've ever seen. We are truly grateful we found Melio. Highly recommend."
Alejandro Duque
COO, Plei, Inc.
“Melio helps me speed up the process of payment delivery and offers the possibility of using a credit card, to have more cash flow for the company.”
Stanislav Nikolov
Founder and CEO of SPN EVENTS
"As a business owner I had nothing but a great experience with Melio. Racking up CC points through my normal course of business, extends my 'Days Payable' even further by using CC for all expenses and the simple user interface makes it easy to get in, pay bills and get out"
John Hackerson
President & Owner, TREECO
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