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Transfer from your bank or debit card for free. Or defer payments with a credit card (2.9% fee) and earn rewards. We’ll pay your vendor with a paper check or through direct deposit.

Reduce costs

Free sign up and zero monthly fees. Pay vendors for free with a debit card or bank transfer, they’ll receive a check or direct deposit at no additional cost.

Improve cash flow

Pay with your credit card (2.9% fee for you) to defer payments and earn card rewards, even if your vendors don’t accept cards.

Syncs with QuickBooks

Pay a bill and it’ll get updated in QuickBooks. Bills will be automatically marked as paid for more control and easy reconciliation.

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How it works

1. Get Started

Select the New button, then Pay Bills.

2. Choose a Bill to Pay

Open the bill you'd like pay and within the bill click Schedule Online Payment.

3. Make a Payment

Choose how and when you want to pay and how the vendor will receive the payment.