Business Loan Alternative.

  • Use your credit card to pay any business bill,
    even if vendors don't accept cards.
  • Unlock the credit you already have, and earn rewards in the process!
  • No application. Set up in minutes.

How it works

Add vendor/bill details

Enter manually, upload a file or take a photo of an invoice. It's super easy. All data can auto-sync with QuickBooks.

Pay with card or bank

Schedule payments to pay exactly when you want. Pay by bank transfer or card, even where cards are not accepted.

Vendor gets a check or bank transfer

Choose how vendor gets paid. Melio mails a check on your behalf or direct deposit to the vendor's bank account.

Free up cash by paying vendors with credit card

Pay vendors with your business credit card even if they don’t accept cards. Enjoy up to 45 days of float until your next credit card bill and get card rewards!

Schedule payments to easily manage multiple due dates

Stop setting reminders to pay vendors on time. You can easily select a date for when the payment should be made and make sure you pay not too soon and not too late.

Perfect sync with QuickBooks, all-in-one tool

Melio even mails checks on your behalf to vendors so you don't need to cut checks anymore. Also interested in auto update to QuickBooks? You got it.

What people say

“I constantly have suppliers coming by to the business to pick up checks and its tiring, I use Melio and I finally have some quiet in my office, and I can focus on running my restaurant”

Ziva Amiel
Owner New Restart Inc.
“It’s really good, also because I/we can set days payable, so we can officially have a 30 days payable policy, without me setting calendar reminders.”

Costa Gurevich
Owner Road Runners Team

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